How social media has helped families,socialworkers and government in discerning information during calamities?


Are you familiar with Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook ? I know most of you have one.Social media is very important in collaboration and in communicating other people around the globe. It helped families, social workers, and government in discerning info during calamities. Through social media every family can easily communicate their relatives from other places especially those outside the country. While in social workers it can be a tool to educate them info’s during calamities. Our government  most especially can spread or disseminate information through the use of social media.

It is very obvious that social media is a big help. Do you remember the super typhoon Yolanda that hit the Tacloban, Samar, and Leyte? By using social media are able to informed other countries that we are suffering hunger, and destruction of facilities brought by Yolanda . In connection with, the countries who are  members of ASEAN, APEC, and European Union helped us in terms of financial survival. While the families of Filipinos who are living abroad used social media to communicate  their love one’s , if they are okay. Social media is a gift of modern time that is a big help if it is properly use.

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